5th Wheel Trailers

Very popular choices on the travel trailer market today are the 5th Wheel Trailers. They get their name from their hitch design and how it connects to the towing vehicle. You need a pick-up to pull these trailers, and a lot of money to purchase the 5th Wheel Trailers but you’ll get a lot in return and you’ll surely love and enjoy it.
5th Wheel Trailers are designed to be towed using a heavy duty or special hitch mounted to the bed of the pickup or flat bed truck. The trailer is attached over the truck’s rear axle and wheels.
5th Wheel Trailers Sizes range from the 19 foot Scamp to the 40 foot higher end models. The larger units, have more space than the other RV’s or recreational vehicles, and they are more expensive too.

Here are some of the benefits of having 5th Wheel Trailers;

  • They are easier to use than travel trailers, but you need to be more skilled because it requires more caution than motor trailers,
  • They are more spacious than travel trailers
  • They are easier to tow
  • They can also serve as your local transportation.

If you really enjoy living in a large area, 5th Wheel Trailers are the best fit for you. The living area of a 5th wheel overhangs the tow vehicle by 4 to 5 feet. This means you can get the same living space that you would in a travel trailer. However, the overall length would be anywhere from 6 to 8 feet shorter (the travel trailer living space sits at least 36″ behind the rear bumper of the tow vehicle).
They are bigger than travel trailers and you’ll also find that these trailers are top-of-the-line in every way. They have solid wood cabinets instead of particle board, full size appliances in place of compact ones, crown molding, a bay window, leather recliners, a king-sized bed, an electric fireplace, a full-size bathroom and so much more.

Unlike the other types of trailers the 5th wheel trailers are so huge they can accommodate up to 10 people. The 5th wheel trailers are huge, however they are not recommended for camping. You will also need a truck with fifth wheel hitch-in bed so that it can tow 5th wheel trailers.

The driving and living area is separate and you can’t access the living area while driving because it is towed by a truck or pickup. Therefore you really need to stop driving and go out of the truck and go to the 5th wheel trailer so that you can access it.
5th Wheel Travel Trailers are not easy to manoeuver in tight spaces because of the size and when you are not going to use the trailer you will be needing a large space for parking, unlike a small RV.
There are different type and brands of 5th Wheel Trailers that may suit your needs and desire as an owner. Regardless of the pros and cons of 5th Wheel Trailers, you will surely enjoy living in it immensely.